Igor Jankowski – the future of innovation and new technologies


Businessmen often pay attention to unique projects in that particular area. One engaged in medical, educational and other public sector. For the benefit of the people are many, and there is no exception Jankowski Igor, who for many years of his successful career started a Foundation and helped implement multiple projects of different type and direction.хочу запропонувати Igor Yankovsky

Igor Jankowski – the future of innovation and new technologies
Igor Jankowski – the future of innovation and new technologies

Innovation as the idea and novelty
The technological advantages of modern companies in Ukraine and in General sectors should provide an impetus for active development. Also Jankowski Igor believes that it is necessary to organize constant communication with individual market participants through various funds and projects, than the oligarch and engaged almost constantly.
At the moment, the main project of the in business Diamond Sphere Group. Due to the concern businessman manages companies in different sectors of the economy that contributes to development in different directions and focus on certain problematic sectors. Investment activity one of the special areas.

Features social activities
Constant activity makes businessman one of the organizers of the charity or creative projects. Also celebrations, where young talent can prove themselves, to show best side and get a ticket, when will be able to implement all my ideas, tasks and to achieve heights in life.
Organized art projects, competitions and exhibitions of young talents. One year is more than a dozen different events, which makes possible development for children and young people. Despite the “evil tongues”, Igor continues to evolve both in business and in the fields of public activities.