How to wind up a pay-per-second in YouTube? – Instructions


Since you spent a lot of time on this site, you already know that there’s only a few videos in YouTube videos that you don’t have to lay down correctly, I’ll describe I’m tagged, I’ve seen the status of the channel. What’s your status, what’s your interest in videos, and even more popular, pennies, etc. Status is on the YouTube channel. Activity is on and the price is paid. Since you are sorry for the activity, it’s not possible to help you out, you’ll get into the house in the first place, because often you’ll give you new materials, and the axis with the payers will be safe for you.
І so proceeding:


It didn’t sound like a banal thing, alert it, you need to get it, and then access the special account for advertising you buy youtube subscribers . For the whole, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure (enter the e-mail that password, otherwise contact the social measure). As a rule, the Wiklik procedure is very difficult for you – to marvel at the YouTube tutorial.

Now, if the access is cleared, you can respect it, please go ahead, like win the pay-per-click on YouTube any time.
Onslaught “To give the servant” and go to the option of wrapping YouTube.

Shchob otrimati the result of the vibration of the category of servants “Social. least ”(1).
For this category, there are available views of services, we need to vibrate “YouTube” – “Subscribe to the channel” (2).
Every time you’re sent to your channel on YouTube (3), I’m saying that it’s like it’s always redundant, so that it’s probably a lot lighter than it’s possible.

A message on your channel on YouTube is taken from a browser, before you can enter the channel on your channel. The axis is, for example, a whirligig of our channel’s video and video on YouTube (video is clearly red).

After all, as I had indicated all the parameters of the routine for YouTube, the main menu and the service table, some of them are already protected.

In principle, the parameters, the details were indicated earlier, even more so, that the YouTube cheat was on, however, it is recommended that you know the most parameters, so that you can make the YouTube cheat more.


I’ve already said something like that, with the basic settings needed to ensure that the pay-off in payubs on YouTube was almost prazuvati – the servant was sent without delay to the channel on YouTube.
Zmina Tsikh Nalashtuvan is available by clic in the clause “Tariff plan”

In the end, you’ll be prompted to create a YouTube card for YouTube, you’ve got a bad note, and you’ve got a card with the price tag.
To regain respect, which is independent of those who are allowed to eat in pieces, the price for the YouTube services is indicated for a thousand pieces.


So, the winding up of pay-offs on YouTube looked natural, it’s necessary to set the geography of belonging to YouTube and to pay the price in the first hour on your channel.
Wait a minute, you’ll be wondrous to reach 5000 people, live here with a private Afrika come to your YouTube channel, appointments for a Russian audience at 3:00 a.m. 3:15 o’clock.
Schob tsya did not become, scorchite parameters of the Calendar and Geography. Before the speech, on our channel on Youtube, you can marvel at the video-instruction about these settings (Geography, Calendar).


And so, all the necessary adjustments for YouTube are set, the balance is too loose and the necessary balance is needed. For the sake of rozrahuvati a bag, on the yak you need to increase your balance, distribute your bazhan to the number of pay-offs in YouTube by 1000 and multiply by the wrap-up, indicated in the “Tariff plan” column. A detailed video-instruction on the balance sheet process is divisible here

Now, if the balance of the populations is complete, I need to have a good list on the YouTube channel in the column “Date added” and onslaught on the icon of the coins, or even enter on the keyboard.

YouTube wrapping is turned on, the balance is changed to the amount of change, the number of changes is paid on YouTube, and I see a surplus of pay-offs, and the servant can change the color to blue.

Вітаємо, nutrition about those, how to wind up the front-to-back payee in YouTube for you is not better.

For more information on top4smm, you can take a look at the whole video on YouTube.